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Making Chocolate

Ever wonder how chocolate is made? The short story is that these are made from bitter cacao beans and then molded into chocolate bars. If you were a chocolate company like Hershey?s, you would need a lot of them and to give you an idea how it is made, here is a guide in the…

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Making Chocolate Using Molds

These days, you don?t have to go to the grocery to buy chocolate. Just like cookies, these can be home made as long as you have the ingredients and the materials. They most important to make chocolate are the molds. Molds are usually made of plastic and these can be purchased from craft stores. Most…

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Making Chocolate Starts by Melting It

When you buy chocolate from the craft store, these are usually sold in blocks which is ready to be transformed into different shapes. To make that happen, you have to melt it. Melting is not the same thing as tempering so never confuse the two. However, melting is part of the tempering process which can…

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Making Chocolate from Molds

In the late 1800?s, chocolate makers already used molds made from metal. This made it possible to shape them either as flat or three dimensional. Plastic soon replaced that as these were expensive to produce making it possible for amateur chocolatiers to make these at home. When you buy chocolate molds from the craft store,…

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Cacao Thumbprint Cookies

These Chocolate Thumbprint Cupcakes are a holiday popular! The shortbread-like vanilla sandwich base is filled now with a silky chocolate ignorant for a wonderful piece of food you’ ll come backbone to every 12 months. Decadent Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies Here thumbprint cookies are convenient, yet impressive. The biscuit base is similar for buttery shortbread, but…

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