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Fenugreek Spiced Sardine Fish Curry Recipe

Fenugreek Spiced Sardine Fish Curry Recipe is an age old recipe that has been passed on to people from generations. In earlier times, this curry was cooked in an earthen pot and that tradition is still going on.  The taste that the simple cooking of an earthen pot renders is so village-like and gives that…

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Zesty Sunshine Delight: Homemade Lemon Cookie Recipe

The delicious Lemon Cookies are made with some lemon juice and lemon rind to add to the extra lemon touch. This is one of my favorite cookies and I love to coat it with some confectioners (icing) sugar. The Lemon Cookie Recipe are a perfect addition along with the afternoon coffees and even perfect for…

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Buckwheat & Oat Waffle Recipe: A Decadent Treat with Bananas & Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream

You must try these Buckwheat & Oat Waffles With Bananas & Vanilla Ice Cream for dinner tonight. The crispy waffles topped with ice cream and maple syrup is simply delectable and perfect to serve for special weekend treat to your palate. These hearty waffles, made with nutrient-packed buckwheat and wholesome oats, are a perfect blend of…

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Mexican Food

Horchata Recipe

A refreshing horchata recipe that’s creamy, easy to make, and lightly sweetened. Made from 7 simple ingredients, this authentic Mexican rice drink is perfect on hot and sunny … Source –

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Misa Maas Kordoi Tenga Recipe (Shrimp With Star Fruit Curry)

Misa Maas Kordoi Tenga Recipe (Shrimp With Star Fruit Curry) is an Assamese seafood recipe. Fish cooked with Starfruit (kamrakh), kordoi in Assam. Any fish can used in this recipe I used Shrimp. Traditional recipe is very simple. Only few ingredients; hence I have also used crushed tomato and garlic for extra taste and a…

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