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Bendekayi Koddel/Bolu Huli Recipe – Mangalorean Style Bhindi Sambar Recipe

Bendekayi Koddel/Bolu Huli Recipe is a Mangalorean Style Bhindi Sambar Recipe that is made without coconut. Bolu Huli can be prepared from various vegetables like chayote, mangalorean cucumber, ridge gourd and more. To make bendekayi koddel, you should saute the bhindi until the sliminess is evaporated. This bolu huli has a typical coconut oil tempering…

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Biyyapu Rotte Recipe (Rice Flour Roti)

Biyyapu Rotte or Rice flour roti is an authentic breakfast dish in south household’s, traditionally served with kurma or peanut chutney. These rotis are cottony soft, tasty and healthy too. They make for a perfect breakfast or lunch option. Other rotis that you can try are: Besan & Atta Ki Roti Recipe Masala Roti Recipe Rajasthani…

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Green Spaghetti (Espagueti Verde)

Green Spaghetti (or Espagueti Verde) is a Mexican pasta dish made with a velvety and creamy non-spicy poblano sauce. Serve as a side dish or as a main … Source –

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Guacamole and Salsa for 10-20 Happy People

Need some munchers for a big crew?  This Guacamole and Salsa for 10-20 Happy People will get the job done! If you put the Guac and these two Homemade Salsas in the middle of the table then your gathering is already a success.   The fresh ingredients will do all the work, but you will get……

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Refried Beans

Learn how to make authentic refried beans just like from your favorite Mexican restaurant, but better! The recipe includes stovetop, Instant Pot, and canned beans instructions. I love … Source –

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