FREE gift for “Dinner” preorders! (US & CAN)

When I announced Dinner pre-orders were available in North America, I hinted there was a surprise coming …. and here it is! All US and Canadian Dinner cookbook pre-order customers will receive a free bonus digital recipe book that contains ten brand new recipes I created especially for you!

Dear Australians and New Zealanders disappointed to be missing out, skip down to my Letter to you. ❤

Nagi Maehashi holding the free bonus recipe book for "Dinner" cookbook early buyers
Preview of my free bonus digital recipe book gift containing 10 exclusive recipes!

Why am I offering this free gift?

This is a thank you gift for those who have preordered a copy of Dinner which will be delivered to your doorstep in February 2023. Patience is not my greatest virtue, so it is a gesture of appreciation for your patience!!

What is the gift?

The free gift is a beautiful digital recipe book which contains ten never-before-seen recipes that I created especially for you. These recipes are brand new. They haven’t appeared on my website or in Dinner.

Like the recipes in Dinner, these in this digital book represent the food I love. Unpretentious. Hassle-free. Big on flavor. And they taste even better than they look!

Here’s a little sneak preview of some of the recipes!

And here are my now-famous Easy Brown Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. I made and offered hundreds of these cookies during the Australian cookbook tour. Countless people have since been begging for the recipe …. but I’ve refrained because I was saving it for this bonus digital recipe book!

How to claim your free gift

To claim your copy of the free digital recipe book:

  1. Pre-order my cookbook, Dinner.

  2. Fill in the fields below with your purchase confirmation details. All major retailers will be recognised (see FAQ).

  3. After validation, you’ll be taken to a page where you can download the bonus recipes straight away!

Claim your preorder special bonus digital recipe book now!


Disappointed to be missing out? Please read my letter to you!


Who is eligible for this free gift?

Customers in the US and Canada who preordered the book online from one of the retailers specified on this page.

When does the free gift offer expire?

On 25 December 2022. Yep, Christmas Day!

Will all retailers’ proof of purchase will be recognised?

All major retailers selling pre-order copies are recognised. If you have any issues, please email for help! (See end of this page)

I purchased the book in Australia. Am I eligible for the gift?

I’m so sorry but I’m afraid you are not. Please read my letter below to Aussies and Kiwis.

This gift is a gesture of appreciation to North American customers who pre-ordered the book they will not receive until February 2023. On the other hand, Dinner has been released in Australia and is available in-store so you’re already enjoying the recipes!

Will this free gift be offered in other countries?

Yes! I will have a different edition for different countries. So, as an example, when the UK pre-orders are officially announced in early 2023, I will be offering a UK edition of this free gift for early buyers of the UK edition of Dinner.

Note for UK readers: I understand the UK edition of Dinner will have a much shorter pre-order timeframe than the US edition. So the cookbook will be released in the UK not too long after it is available in the US. Different countries have different pre-order time frames!

Problems pre-ordering or with your pre-order purchase?

Please contact the retailer you have or are trying to pre-order from.

Problems claiming your free gift? Or other questions?

Please email and I or someone in my team will get back to you as soon as possible.

"Dinner" cookbook by Nagi Maehashi of RecipeTin Eats

Thank you!

To those who have already preordered a copy of Dinner, thank you! I’m so excited for you to receive it in February. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the bonus recipes! – Nagi x

A letter to Australians and New Zealanders …

Shortly after announcing this free offer, I started receiving messages from Australian and New Zealander readers who had already purchased my book and were disappointed to miss out on these bonus recipes.

I feel terribly guilty reading such messages. Sharing my recipes here on this website without barriers, for everyone to enjoy, is at the very heart of why I love what I do.

But the decision to make this free recipe book as a bonus for North American early buyers of Dinner was actually also driven by guilt. Guilt that North Americans who pre-ordered Dinner in October were seeing shared photos on social media of dishes made by Australians who already received their copy of Dinner. Many of our American and Canadian friends were understandably disappointed that they had to wait so many months before receiving their copy.

The staggered release of Dinner across the globe, especially in the countries where most of my readership lies (Australia/NZ, US, Canada, UK) has been the most challenging thing for me to manage. I am doing the best I can with communication and to appease those who have been disappointed and frustrated by the delay in getting their books.

This bonus recipe book offer is one way I am trying to make it up to people who have been forced to wait. It’s a small gesture to our US and Canadian readers to say thank you for your support by pre-ordering my book and your patience waiting 4 whole months before you receive it, all the while having to see and hear all about the recipes Australians are already enjoying from “Dinner!”

And so, to dear Australians and New Zealanders – I hope you understand why this offer is exclusively for North Americans. You already have the Dinner book! You are already 150+ recipes ahead!!!

To other countries where pre-orders are yet to even open, I promise you are not forgotten. There will be region-specific editions of this bonus cookbook coming your way too!

– Nagi x

PS. I cannot resist sharing ONE recipe. By popular demand, here is a downloadable version of the Brown Butter Choc Chip Cookies. These were extremely popular on the book tour!!

Life of Dozer

Just to reassure you, every recipe in the bonus digital recipe book has been given the tick of approval by Mr Dozer. (And Chef JB and an independent recipe tester I hired especially to check the recipes. Just because it’s a free gift, it doesn’t mean we lower our standards!)

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