What recipes do you want in 2023?

Tell me what type of recipes you’d like to see more of this year! Leave your suggestions and wish list in the comments section at the bottom of this post. 🙂

I start off every new year thinking about all the new recipes I want to share here on my website. And as always, I completely over-think it. 🥺 I spend hours going back and forth, my mind in a total whirl. What do I think you want to see more of this year?

More quick recipes recipes? More complete meals in one pot? More healthy recipes? More finger food?

But – why try to second-guess what type of recipes you want to see? I’ll just ask you!

So, dear reader, tell me what recipes you’d like to see in 2023! Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

Request a recipe from Nagi 2023

I can’t promise I can dish up everything on your wish list, but I can promise that I will read every single message and factor it in as I create new recipes throughout the year. Your feedback is invaluable to me, every time I put out these help requests. ❤️

Thank you in advance for your input!! – Nagi x

Life of Dozer

He thought hoped Christmas was over……. 🤭

Dozer with turkey on head

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